Credits and Sponsors

Principal Investigators

    Masoom Haider, M.D.
    Ivan Yeung, Ph.D.
    David Jaffray, Ph.D.

Lead Developer

    Nicolas Gonzalez, M.E.Sc.

Lead Scientist

    Sunmo Kim, Ph.D.

Research and Testing

    Catherine Coolens, Ph.D.
    Warren Foltz, Ph.D.
    Shawn Stapleton, M.Sc.
    Timothy Yeung, B.Sc.

Web Development

    Nicolas Gonzalez, M.E.Sc.
    Timothy Yeung, B.Sc.


OICR Ontario Institute for Cancer Research University Health Network UHN
University of Toronto Department of medical Imaging STTARR Spatio-temporal Targeting and Amplification of Radiation Response Program